Digital Marketing : The Future of Marketing

Traditional marketing is changing & changing very fast due to changes in consumer mindsets, behavious, technology & a host of other factors. Mass media like TV, Newspaper, Outdoors are still relevant but with diminishing return on investments ( ROI).

As consumers today spend more & more time on digital front both in & out of homes , its imperative for businesses to touch base with this TG via new age mediums like mobile phones, tabs, laptops, desktops etc..Social media vehicles like FB, Instagram, Twitter & video viewing sites like Youtube are a rage and absolute neccesity for our day to day existence.

Advertisers are now finding the need to connect with future consumers using aforesaid mediums. However, there is a dearth of qualified individuals who would understand the nuances of the digital trade and help in this brand outreach.

Masterstroke Education has launched a certificate course in Digital Marketing to address this gap. B.Tech, B. Com, BBA, B.Sc, B.A, B.C.A graduates & undergraduates, job seekers, working executives who till now found limited opportunities to improve their CV / Biodata or found it exteremely difficult to find a job / placement can now avail this course for a better future.

The lack of quality institutions imparting Digital Marketing course in Howrah, Hooghly, East Midnapore, Burdwan gives all of us a unique opportunity to seize the chance. Masterstroke Education provides all students with a month of LIVE PROJECT as a part of the curricula, where-in students are given a practical knowhow of the aspects of digital marketing followed by placement assistance.

Whats more students can also start their own enterprise / venture / business from home itself post the course completion. Investments in starting a business is always a impediment , however in case of Digital marketing startup there is no such hindrances, all one needs to start up is a laptop, an internet connection, a website & loads of confidence. Sitting at their homes , students can connect with clients from far & distance place , bag orders and start working & earning.

Foreign Language : A Gateway to Success

We have heard for long that graduates & undergraduates queing up to work for the BPO sector where ones language communication skills are put to the test. But how many of us know that simply learning & mastering a foreign language can not only help to jump the que but also ensure a easier and sure shot path to success.

Its not only about BPOs , B.Techs especially IT engineers who work on international projects would stand to gain a lot if they know a language apart from English. After all ,only 9% of the world population speaks English. Considering only IT engineers would be shortsighted .Automobile, Mechanical, & Industrial Production Engineers would find it extemely beneficial if they were to learn German, French & Spannish , Electronics Engineers Japanese & Korean & MBAs Chinese (Mandarin), Petroleum & Chemical Engineers ( Arabic & Russian ) amongst others.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg. Consider the huge opportunities in the translation industry. As global trade opens up India needs more and more graduates, MBAs who can communicate with business counterparts and overseas consumers in languages they speak & understand. As govt jobs are becoming rarer by the day & private sector jobs demanding more & more performance, fresh graduates or students pursuing graduation, post graduation would find very little opportunity to bag their dream jobs. A knowhow of a foreign language can come in as a clincher.

School students pursuing CBSE, ICSE, ISC , HS curriculum may already be exposed to a foreign language as a part of their sylabuss. However, a one off class in a school amidst a host of other subjects may not be enitrely suffcient. Moreover, most schools / institutions are yet to take this up in a war footing. In either case, Masterstroke Education’s intiative to start a Foreign Language course in Howrah is a boon. People from adjoining districts like Hooghly, Purba Medinipur, Hooghly & Burdwan can avail this unique opportunity near their doorstep to shape their careers.

Softskills : A mandatory skillset required for today’s corporate world

Softskills is the least understood skills of all. Personality Development, Public Speaking, Presentation Techniques, Corporate Grooming, Group Discussion & Personal Interview tips are a bunch of skills without which no candidate can expect to get or survive in a job in the corporate sector.

Having said so, are institutions or candidates taking it up seriously ? The answer is a big no. There is no constructive policy to structure this discipline. Candidates too are extremely casual about it and would only give it a try days before an interview.

Softskill is no magic pill that can work wonders in such a short notice. Its a discipline that needs to be practised for a period of time. Starting from Corporate English ( pronounciation, reading & writing ability ), to demo interviews its a long drawn process whose final result is success. Non Verbal communication is completely missed out by most as something which is unimportant.

Whats more, it doesn’t stop after getting a job. Corporate scenarios ensure group tasks, hence ability to work with multiple personalities , handle criticism , pressure is of immense importance for one’s survival.

Masterstroke Education brings in Howrah for the very 1st time a Corporate Softskills Program. Designed by industry experts & GCC, University of California, Los Angeles. Its a rare opportunity for students / executives from suburbs like Hooghly, Burdwan, Purba Medinipur as well. As many local institutes have sprung up in such areas one might be tricked to try them, but on careful inspection we find that they are nothing but a spoken english institute without any corporate connect or industry experience whatsoever.


School Foundation – Breaking the Clutter

ISC, ICSE, CBSE, HS, Madhyamik students with bags on back moving from one part to another during evenings is a common feature of almost every neighborhood. 4-5 tuitons are an average these days.

However, the pitfall of the exisiting system are many. To name a few; a) more time is wasted commuting than actually studying as all the subjects are taught in a different place b) Its more of a cramped up camp with dozens of students vying for space than a place for learning c) the focus is on rote & note learning as it completely absolves the teacher student ratio equation out of the picture, however the loss to student community is irrepairable.

Some parents try the private tution route in an attempt to address the above issues. Sadly, one must understand that quality of a private tutor would be far less as purely because of economical reasons. Why would a scholar with a capability to teach & earn handsomely with an institute waste such an opportunity & instead earn peanuts & slog more time & energy shuttling between residences? Moreover, with solo tuitions the competitive spirit of students are also not developed. Lastly, its been observed that students who study under a private tutor at home lacks the confidence of a big stage set up & the quality of education is just about focussed in completing the school sylabuss.

To complicate the situation we do have large, renowned, heavily advertised branded institutes & their franchisees who claim to make every student a topper. Parents, do fall for this marketing gimmick as it often turns up that few bright kids ( who ought to shine anyways) being claimed by more than 3-4 institutes as their own prodigy, poor kids get entangled in this marketing whirlwind. Not to mention the prohibitevely exhorboitant fees that are charged or the huge number of students studying ( honey draws honeybees & the whiff of a topper studying from an institute draws parents & students of all scholastic callibre in hoards) in such institutes.

Masterstroke Education has focussed on a path which is a mix of all of the above yet avoiding the pitfalls associated with each. To identify the strengths the following points needs to be visited:

• The focus is on knowledge building & not rote learning
• Everyone cannot be a topper so the idea is to grow together intellectually instead of just one person
• Optimum batch size of 6-12 students to give the competitive edge without making it a cowshed
• Quality faculty who are focussed & dedicated
• One venue one institute for your enitre ( presently Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English , Mathematics & Foreign Language ) education needs
• Affordable fee structure